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9:56 p.m. - 2014-01-21
So very happy plans are in the works for next month's full moon, plus Valentines hike with Michelle TG and Jennifer in the Pinnacles!
I've been pushing for it because I know we all have been wanting to do it and now it looks like it's going to happen.
Going to drop the kids off with my folks for the three day weekend and told Sal (who has to work on the 14) to go make plans with his friend's he never visits so I can have some alone time with the girls (and one in particular).
If weather cancels the hike, I told them we can fly or drive somewhere else. Actually I wouldn't mind spending some time in Big Sur, but maybe another trip.
Working hard at keeping focused on all the things I want for myself this year. Studying the ATP written, working out, enjoying learning to hoop dance and planning adventures so I am determined to make this year work well for me...totally determined!
I'm not gonna even think of anything that usually pisses me off (which is pretty challenging).
Trying to adhere to the "law of attraction" and only focus on the things I want, and not on the things I don't want. So far things are beginning to come together for me and actually I'm a lot happier person thinking this way.
OK, the one thing I am conflicted about, but excited in a sorta way is that I decided to try Botox to get rid of the new frown line between my eyebrows. Sal is not happy about me doing it, but my mom and friends seem pretty supportive.
I hate looking at those two lines! I'm not ready to look old (actually I still get carded). I can change my body by working out, I can cut and dye my hair, but I don't know why when it comes to Botox he thinks I go to far.
I can except those lines when I go through menopause someday, but I'm not ready yet. I wish I would have worn more hats so I would not have squinted so much in the sun!



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