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11:43 p.m. - 2014-01-01
I was planning for a quiet New Years alone, doing stuff for myself as I'm going to make 14 the year I give to me, instead of everybody else. But, Sal didn't have to fly tonight and he got to come home instead.
We ended up drinking and watching "The L-word" on Netflix (for some reason he is all into that show) which only puts me in an awkward mood.
I downloaded 3 inspirational audiobooks to listen to at bed and/or my commute. I need to start this year off feeling powerful and in control so I can actually accomplish something!
Need to take that fucking test that I've been so tired studying for lately. So glad all this holiday hoopla is over and I can get back on track.
Corriedawn and I are going to Skype workouts together, so maybe that will motivate me to keep up with exercise.
Went on a quest the other day downtown in search of a ring with a yellow stone. Looked at yellow diamonds, emeralds, and citrine, stuff I couldn't afford and were too pale of yellow. Then went into a crystal shop and found the perfect canary yellow crystal ring for $30!
For some reason I've been drawn to the color yellow. My previous yoga instructor told me my solar plexus was week and the color for that is yellow, so I should bring more of that into my life. Well maybe it will work, hopefully my problems can all be simply solved by the color yellow!



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