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11:19 p.m. - 2013-11-14
awesome flight
So had one of the best flights ever with the gal I've been totally crushed out on yesterday. Sal had asked her if she wanted to rent our plane to go do some flying while she was here covering Peter's run this week and she told him "I'd really like to go fly with your wife". So I texted her right away, and the next day we were off.
It was pretty rough air, Sky West did a go-around right behind us due to windshear. I showed her our tiny town and our house, then we flew southeast, following a narrow river valley (the oak trees were golden along the dry river bed) through the cracks, popping up just in time for the Carizzo Plane, where I wanted to check out the new solar panel project. It was huge! We flew over that to Soda Lake, the dry lake bed maybe 500agl. We laughed and joked the whole way. Then we flew to Paso airport for lunch.
Saw her today and hung out while they loaded her and Sal's plane. Sal flew off so I hung out with her longer.
We decided to go for a hike together (and now hopefully a soak in the hot springs on Saturday).
She gave me a hug before we both had to leave and I can't wait to see her after work tomorrow to talk about our hike!
I hope I'm not projecting what I want onto her. Even if she's not into girls, I think she'd be a great friend and she inspires me so....



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