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10:07 p.m. - 2013-09-23
work... woes...
Exhausted and frustrated over work...
I've been arguing on behalf of myself with work as usual. This time they asked me to teach an instrument groundschool, gave them my syllabus and then I hear they want me to teach it with that same guy who wanted to borrow our plane then bailed on us last minute. The one who is only a 200 hour private!
I told them no way, I'm not going to co-teach with this guy and have him get paid the same amount they are paying me to learn how to teach from me! WTF?? He's not even a fucking instructor!!! I'm seeing the same thing over and over with flight schools. I remember years ago when the crooks took over Executive, the head crook kept trying to give a CFI to someone wanting an instrument rating, while he insisted on a CFII with me sitting fully qualified across the room. Am I lacking charm? That guy eventually came to me and I got him finished up quickly.
I'm just tired of being under valued and I'm ready to move on. I'd like to end up with a nice union job, not worrying about other people trying to take business from me... just show up to work with my flightplan already created by someone else, fly the roads, go to bed.
I'm suppose to be studying and all excited right now but instead I'm worrying and fussing over these stupid trifles! Actually, I have been working late, coming home tired and hungry and having to organize the kids.
Oh yeah, and I hope I don't get more late night calls from my long lost drunk pal looking to pawn his troubles and regrets off on me! I'm just not interested!!
Just tired of feeling like I'm always being tested. It's just a bad time for that right now, not in my plans....



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