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10:18 p.m. - 2013-09-19
scattered thoughts
I'm glad it's Thursday night. I've been weening myself off the Benedryl to sleep, now that my stupid cold has subsided. At least I can listen to Over The Edge tonight if I can't get to sleep again.
Sal's will be off tomorrow and through the weekend, but I have to work all day Saturday flying to Santa Ynez and Santa Barbara, then another flight in the afternoon. Least I can make some money...maybe book a tub at the hot spring for the evening to unwind.
I'm worried about my student Glen blowing his check ride in two weeks. Sometimes he ask me the most ridiculous questions from out of nowhere, stuff he should know well by now.. so it makes me worried..
I'm tired and my thoughts aren't making much sense right now.. I feel sort of antsy about something but not sure what. Maybe it's the moon...



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