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11:39 p.m. - 2013-09-12
lending an ear to an old friend
What a weird evening... Just got of the phone with an old crush from highschool. We speak maybe once a year. He's not doing so good being an alcoholic taking care of his parants who have cancer.
Anyway, about a month ago a mutual friend of ours called me saying how worried she was about him and his drinking (I hadn't spoken to her in over 20 years) and wanted me too look up his FB friends. Anyway, he told me that he started dating her after his divorce, and all this rehab stuff she was going through... I don't know how I got dragged into this! I feel bad for both of them. I hate seeing people do themselves in like this. I always beat myself up for things, bad decisions but mine pales in comparison so some of these old friends that really lost control of themselves and all their dreams. Trying to get Mark to call our old friend Andy who had been through rehab several times coming off the dope and finally pulled himself together after years of ups and downs... now working as a successful chef in the Big Easy, and happy with a new woman.
Anyway, went to work with this horrible head cold... can't explain how bad my ears hurt climbing in the planes. I can still barely hear a thing, my eardrums have imploded! But at least I made a little money, hopefully it all won't go to medical bills now!



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