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11:08 p.m. - 2013-09-10
the cold rant
Can't believe I got a fucking cold! I haven't gotten sick in forever and now this...
Turned the low-bush cranberries Gena sent from Fairbanks into a cranberry rum sauce, and canned it for Thanksgiving.
Then Rocco came in yelling the turkeys found a snake. When I ran out there in my cooking apron they had it cornered in between bricks trying to figure it out while it hissed at them. Got a shovel and chopped it's head off before it could do damage. Least those pesky turkeys are good for something!
It does worry me a bit because I''ve been working latter or going to yoga in the evening and leaving the kids at home. My folks always had be babysit my younger sister, and make dinner since I was 8 so I just figure my 10 year old could do as I did. I'm sure I'd get arrested for it if the law found out. It's not like I leave them that long alone, but sometimes I wonder if he'd be able to handle an emergency like a snake bite, or fire. He has everyone's numbers, just wonder how quickly he'd act.
Hate thinking like this, but I need to make money too and I can't afford a sitter all the time...
Sounds like some stupid winery forgot to turn off their bird cannon out there!
Made a hot buttered rum and studied my ATP written stuff... surprisingly I could focus longer then I thought possible.
Don't have to work until Thursday, so hopefully my head will clear up, hate flying all stuffed up...
Oh and yes Obama's speech sucked tonight, but I never really liked his public speaking anyway. His trying to pull everyone's heart strings did not impress me.. how dare they think people are that stupid! Because killing children by illegal chemical weapons is more evil then doing it properly by war casualties "we" unintentionally commit in the middle east. Oh, I need to sleep.. get ready for NPR in the morning as I drive in my morning sleep coma for school drop-off...



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