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10:18 p.m. - 2013-09-05
No fly
Glad I took the opportunity this evening to make myself a hot buttered rum. Taking the edge off this sinus/cold infection and a nerve racking evening.
I'd been trying to get in touch with Antony about his Utah flight in our plane all day. Finally this evening he sends me a text saying something about a fight with his wife and that he'd not be flying there, she'd go by herself if she goes at all.
So I guess in some ways I'm relieved as I don't think he's that great of a pilot, but on the other hand it would have been good money.
We still have other people wanting to rent it and we really want to get a new windshield.
Just hope our number one radio doesn't go out first...
Guess I won't be studying tonight, but at least I did study earlier in the day.
They want me to teach an instrument ground school at work, got 10 students. Asked why Gary doesn't want to and she said he's totally burnt out.
I go through burnout myself flight instructing. I'm just in a good mood, and flow right now that I can take this all on, but eventually I'm going to burn out and ask him to step in for me while I take a break. Hopefully by then I'll find a regular part 121 or 135 flying gig!
I think it's a night to play on You Tube, watch some music videos on my super slow satellite internet. One day dsl or cable will reach these forsaken hills and then I'll be really happy!
Caesar salad sounds really good right now... I think it's the butter fat that is making me crave sour and salt...
Missed yoga tonight because I had to do ground with Glenn...
Now I'm just rambling... but at least my sinuses aren't bugging me, nor the aches



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