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10:55 p.m. - 2013-09-04
lost pilot
Woke up way to early coughing this morning. Hate when I can' get back to sleep because there is a tickle in my throat!
Met Antony at the plane at 9am. We all had a good talk about how risky his flight is for a new pilot, and how we need his insurance as well as his competence. He understood and told us this is a scary flight for him especially since everyone has their Sierra stories.
Anyway, flew some more with him today and worked him harder, did some gear failures, go arounds and short t/o and landings in Oceano. What I can;t get over now is how he and a lot of new pilots have totally become so dependent on their iPads and/or computers. It's like they can't look out the damn window and judge distance, or even know what airport their looking at without double checking on their device!
took the kids to the first 4-H meeting of the year. Looks like we're doing more poultry, shooting sports, and market lamb. Sal's gonna love finding out we'll be lamb shopping soon!
Not feeling so hot tonight, doubt I'll be able to fall asleep early but who knows....



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