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11:11 p.m. - 2013-09-03
yoga and low-time privates..
Had the first day of my "yoga bootcamp" yesterday. The woman who runs it is great and seemed very knowledgeable. We started with a sweat in the sauna (actually something I could have done without as I was sweating in the heat all day anyway) then onto the class where two other women joined us. I like her style in that she talks a lot on energy and wise tid-bits here and there.
Today was all talking with her and she gave me some health tips and suggestions to through into my routeen.
So my biggest concern this week is on Antony borrowing our plane for this horrendous flight across the Sierras. I've asked everyone for advice and basically they all say the same, if you don't think he's safe, don't let him go. So I said I'd give him one more chance to redeem himself tomorrow, and I'll try and throw a bunch of things on him to see how far I can push him, then I'll decide. On the one hand if things go smooth we'll make some good money to buy a new windshield for the plane. On the other hand if things go wrong at the worst of it, we loose the plane and/or his and his wife's lives. I do not need that hanging over my head! That would totally break me right now!!
So I don't know what will happen, but I'm really scared.



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