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9:57 p.m. - 2013-08-31
Thousand Oaks
Flew down to Camirillo this afternoon... got the grumpy desk lady at the hotel desk who gave us a lame room because ours wasn't ready yet. Turns out one of Sal's old friends from high school also works here at the Marriott, and she got mad at the grumpy clerk and comped us some breakfast for the morning.
The party at Sal's old friend house was nice, plenty of food and an open bar serving nothing but Hawaiian style drinks as per the theme of the party. I've never been a big fan of the sweet girly drinks, in fact it reminds me of a funny Kids in the hall episode! But actually I ended up drinking several pina coladas, blue Hawaiians, and mai tai.
They hired this hula dance group to perform for everybody which was cool but weirded me out a bit. I mean back living in AK I'd go to these potlatch gatherings and watched their dances which told stories of animals, and hunts. I'm not that familiar with Hawaiian culture and never had much of a desire to visit the state. But I feel sort of bad in a way because I know these dances were most likely sacred to them, and held their communities together. Now they dance in front of non natives with coconut and/or seashells over their boobs while the rest of the world exploits their resources.
So I thought you know, people do seem pretty entertained by the dancing, maybe I should look into hiring some dancers for Jojo's Halloween birthday party. Maybe some Irish step dancers? That sort of goes along with a pagan holiday celebration...
Not sure what's in store for tomorrow. May go hang out in Ventura someplace before heading home. Kids driving us crazy... Jojo hurt her leg on a trampoline at the party and whined the entire time. Can't count how many times I've tweaked myself on a trampoline! Once went to a trampoline park in AZ in my 20's. We must have been drunk or something... tried to do a back flip and landing on my neck! Trampolines are for taking naps on...



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