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11:15 p.m. - 2013-08-30
friends come in seasons
Really surprised I'm still up... maybe it has something to do with being so frickin hot inside and out tonight!
Woke up at 6am this morning and could not get back to sleep. So I watched the fog lift outside and read my "Buddhist Bootcamp" on mindfulness, a good way to start the day (though sleeping in is not bad either).
Flew with Antony in our plane to check him out for his Utah trip. Man, he didn't do so well, very behind the plane,wanted to do a straight-in to 31 at Paso with all sorts of traffic using all runways, then he totally screwed up the go-around! He just took an instrument check-ride in June, I expected a lot more from him. So I told him I want to fly with him one more time to make sure he gets it.
Talked to my sister tonight. They had a falling out with their longtime friends over petty jealousy having to do with pregnancy and God parents. Told her we also were really close with another couple years ago, but after we both had kids we sort of drifted apart. Think some people just stay in our lives long enough to fulfill whatever purpose, or need for that moment. When that task is accomplished, we part ways. Few lucky people get to stick around longer though, and we're always looking for those sort of friendships.
Looking for new music to download to the iPhone, so far just downloading old Death in June though..
We're flying to Camirillo tomorrow to visit Sal's old friends throwing a party. So nice he gets to keep his hotel points and we get to stay places free.
OK, loosing concentration now... better start getting ready to board the sleep train, not sure when the next one will pull in to the station if I miss this one!



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