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11:03 p.m. - 2013-08-16
lesbian dinosaurs
Was hoping my visiting parents would go to bed early again. But, my dad (who's hard of hearing)decided he wanted to watch a movie, a horror movie with robot dinosaurs and I get to here growling, creaming and explosions on the other side of the wall tonight...
None of us were really up for flying this morning, but things are moving fast all of a sudden and tomorrow after farmer's market I'm off to break in Allan's new plane.
Antony phoned and asked to rent our plane for a Utah trip. I'm hoping that will help pay for a new windshield.
Rhonda popped up in my FB chat window. Sometimes I can't tell if she wants to be friends again, or if she just wants something from me. Anyway, told her I'd call next week to see about doing some hoodwork with her like we use to.
Found an ordered a new "historical lesbian romance" novel called "Tiopa Ki Lakota". I'm hoping it will calm and satisfy my urges for awhile....
Really?? Now there are machine gun sounds on the other side of the wall, it's a dinosaur flick!!
At least there is a nice breeze coming through the window tonight. Next year I'm going to plant angel's trumpets, and tobacco flower outside my window, so I can enjoy their fragrance all night as well.



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