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1:45 a.m. - 2013-08-11
I can't sleep! All I can think about is how fucking pissed I am at Atascadero Unified for lieing to us, throwing a carrot in front of us, leading us on that my 4 3/4 is going to make it into kindergarten. They knew all along that they would under no circumstances let her in because thanks to Jerry Brown, they can milk a whole extra year of $ from her sticking her in this new "pre-K"! They lied to me, what the fuck is up with putting money before education??? I've always hated administration all the way up to college. Ever notice they are the most fancy buildings??? I've never been shown any respect by an elementary school secretary, ever! I so badly want to do there to the district office, which of course they have bullet proof glass windows on their counter... jump through the opening over to Barbs room and tell her what I think of her that fucking bitch! I hope my daughter passes them up and fires them all one day!
My student did not get a proper weather briefing tonight and when we got to the airport I was like "what the hell is up with the marine layer, I thought you said it be clear all night". So I got us a ifr to vfr on-top clearance because I wanted to get this night flight over with. On our way back (at this point I said fuck getting a new wx briefing) the ceiling was 500ovc, with a 400agl decision height I decided it be in our best interest to land in PRB. I texted Sal to come get us and he was a bit of a dick about it. He was "you could have made it". Yeah, he does this twice a day every day.. I'm not current and I rarely if ever have the chance to shoot the approach to minimums here because of opposing traffic rules, plus I'm not even suppose to be doing this crap with private pilot students! I absolutely hate flying with him as an "instructor" because he is more of a dictator. I've felt so sorry in the past riding in the back seat while he worked with students. He's impossible! No wonder he never wanted to apply for any other job where he'd have to fly with another pilot.
Now my student is going to call me in the morning to do more flying and ferry the plane back. Maybe I should get a xanax prescription for nights like these.
I should not have eaten that hamburger, I've felt it in my throat all evening. I should not eat meat when I'm under a lot of stress. I should not let Sal put on murder reality shows on Netflix when I'm so angry with people! It only elevates my upsetness! Only cute animal friendship show the rest of the weekend. Deers that love dogs, old goat leading blind poneys...that sort of thing.



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