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9:46 p.m. - 2011-12-21
Winter Solstice
So it was our winter solstice tonight in the Northern Hemisphere. I spent two days reflecting and writing myself a letter of things I need to get off my chest for the coming new year. I took the letter, along with a slip to get an ultra sound and pamphlets of of female troubles I was just diagnosed with, stuffed everything in a bag I took with me to the airport. Met my friend there after work. She was running late from her new temp job driving the Google Earth car. We climbed in my plane and flew to Oceano, an 11 minute flight at sunset. There we met another friend and we pulled the papers I brought out of the bag and lit them on fire while I read a few verses and recited a few endearing quotes. Why can't people turn off their cellphones ever??
So we went for a quick bite to eat to let the ashes cool, then my friend and I got dropped off and took off over the ocean, it was a dark moonless night. We followed the coastline North up to Pismo pier to get a view of the X-mas tree all lit at the end. Then we circled toward Avila and I had my friend throw all the ashes out the window. I'm done with Western medicine starting this new year! Had enough operations and meds to last a lifetime!
Things are going to be better for me this year, they have to be.



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